Certified as a “collection centre” by the Puy-de-Dôme DDPP (Direction Départementale des Populations) for the insemination of fresh semen,Haras d’Elah as a dedicated, isolated building with 12 indoor stables so that stallions and mares can enjoy a calm, serene atmosphere for breeding. The state-of-the-art buildings and equipment have been designed and constructed to ensure that current health standards are respected in all ways.

Reproduction center

Haras d’Elah can welcome your broodmare (whether suckled or not), in a safe place totally dedicated to reproduction.

The arrival of the broodmare is carefully overseen in a closed space.

The covered stables have been specifically drawn and constructed for our stud farm to offer optimal comfort as well as easy direct viewing of the mother and her foal.

Breeding females and males inhabit areas specifically prepared for each type so that they can live together without promiscuity or confusion.

Since proximity is prone to have an influence on the breeding cycle, sliding doors are provided to control the movements of the horses in total safety.

Each resident has a private paddock for daily outings.

Each boarder has a private paddock for daily free time.

To optimise the chances of fertilisation, and until the foal’s arrival, we propose the following services

Care for the broodmare

➢ light exposure

➢ preparation for breeding

➢ insemination

I.A.F. (fresh semen)
I.A.R.T. (imported cooled semen)
I.A.C. (frozen semen)

➢ care during the gestation period

Stallion catalogue available at the stables

➢ fresh

➢ frozen

Le Haras d’Elah has a “semen collector” catalogue of stallions coming for the best French, foreign and pony genetics.

We also offer a selection of sport pony stallions


➢ supervision and help for the birth

➢ nursing for the mares and foals

➢ upbringing of the young horse

➢ weaning

Stallion care

➢ initiation into mannequin mounting

➢ draining Gynaecological

Gynaecological care and ultrasound assistance are provided by the Cabinet Véthippo’Dôme.

Reproduction centre rates 2022

  • IAC Pack / mare / season
    170 € tax incl.
  • IART Pack / mare / season
    148 € tax incl.
  • IAF Pack / mare / season
    115 € tax incl.
  • Board stable for mare + paddock
    13.20 € tax incl.
  • Board foaling, one month
    600 € tax incl.
  • Board foaling Plus
    680 € tax incl.
  • Board foaling Comfort
    810 € TTC tax incl.
  • Extra week
    120 € TTC tax incl.
  • Board light exposure
    423.50 € tax incl.
  • Board mare pre-birth (?) + progressive weaning, one month
    350 € tax incl.
  • Board weaning stable + progressive weaning, one month
    420 € tax incl.

For any other service, please consult us.