the horse’s comfort or mine ?

To understand the basis of our concept, observe a traditional stable and ask yourself one question: “the horse’s comfort or mine?”

On 18 th January 2015, the French parliament voted to include in the Civil Code (article 515- 14), the recognition of an animal as a living being with feelings which can no longer be considered as property, a movable asset (article 528).

It is in the spirit and logic of this law, in consideration of the work of the science of ethology, that Haras d’Elah offers tailor-made living conditions for your horse. An awareness of the instinct for gregariousness, the need to be with fellow horses, is essential for the well-being for their well-being, and therefore their availability and performance.

The private owners’ stables provide a comfortable 14 m2 for each horse, as well as a large 28m2 terrace which opens out onto spacious grassland of about 1000m2.

Training centre

With its top-quality equipment and working spaces, Haras d’Elah offers its boarders and riders from outside an exceptional training site unmatched in the Auvergne.
➢ a spacious, bright indoor arena, 25m x 65m
➢ a drained outdoor arena, 50m x 80m, with its specialised equestrian “Houriez” surface,
with fibre-reinforced sand from Fontainebleau (see “Grand Prix” June 2018, n°97).
➢ an outside grass arena, 60m x 70m
➢ an automatic, covered walking area for 6 horses, with a sand and crushed cork surface
➢ a welcoming club house for sharing moments of conviviality with riders and those accompanying them.

In addition to the classes given by Amandine, who has a national diploma, Haras d’Elah provides and organises for regular training sessions in various disciplines for owners and boarders as well as external participants:
dressage, jumping, long-reining, ethology…

We are also at your disposal to welcome your young horses for breaking-in, dressage and preparation for the breeding competition “Modèles et Allures” or the young horse competition.

For more information about boarding rates, please contact Haras d’Elah

Nous sommes également à votre disposition pour accueillir vos jeunes chevaux au débourrage, au dressage et préparation, tant aux présentations des Concours d’élevage de Modèles et Allures qu’aux Concours jeunes chevaux.

Pour plus d’informations sur les tarifs des pensions, n’hésitez pas à contacter Le Haras d’Elah au

Boarding rates 2022

  • Board per month
    435 € tax incl.
    (taken to paddock from Monday to Friday, one session in walking arena per week, 2 classes per month included)
  • Board per month
    495 € tax incl.
    (taken to paddock every day, one session in walking arena per week, one class per week included)
  • Board per month for breaking-in
    600 € tax incl.
  • Board per month for exercise
    540€ tax incl.
    (twice a week)
  • Board per month, training, upgrading
    640€ tax incl.
    (5 times a week)
  • Board per month, convalescence and care
    from 360€ tax incl.
  • Training-pass per month
    70 € / horse
  • Hiring outside or inside arena
    220 € / day
  • Hiring lunging ring
    120 € / day
  • Training per session
    10 € / horse
  • inside stable
    20 € / horse / day